Monday, September 25, 2017

Sublime textures

I talked a bit about my khadi paper journey and how much I love it and if you have never heard about khadi paper then you can visit this link to find out how they are made.

Today I'd like to show you some additions to the cover that I added.

First, since I initially sewed through the cover I needed to hide the back
"sewy bits", so I adhered a sheet of marbled paper from the India and Nepal collection, they are just beautiful papers! I also added a strip of Tibet Jewels Sari ribbon along the seam and then stamped the word ART on it. 

I tore the bottom part of the Sari ribbon and threaded beads and charms onto it....I REALLY love the look of this! This texture always makes me stop for a minute to appreciate their beauty before opening my journal. You can almost hear my inner muse sighing with delight and then whispering...
"let's get creative."

To the top piece of the Sari ribbon, I tied on one of the Going Global Turkmen Jewelry Parts charms and sewed on some more beading.

This just makes me happy, not gonna lie. I adore texture by adding fibers, beading, and charms. Combine all that with the deckled edges of the hand-made paper and you might achieve your own slice of heaven!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Snail mail week

I love to create mail art but I will also admit that sometimes I find it hard to sit down and do it. So this week was dedicated to creating some artful mail. I always hope that it makes someones' day a little bit brighter to receive it.

I also joined a monthly stamp club from Rubbermoon and got my first stamp, the little bee. I think she is darling but then I think all the stamps from Rubbermoon are whimsically artistic. I used at least two of their stamps on each envelope.

Bought some envelopes without the address lines which I think look better with the art. It was by accident but I think I like it!

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Grand Final – The World

I figure what better way to send this challenge out than by mail as this particular challenge is about sending a message...a note to the universe so to speak.

I may not have been able to use every single element in all of the challenges even though I tried, but I did complete all 6 challenges and it was a lot of fun. Even learned some things too which is always a bonus in my book!

  • CIRCLE(s) symbol of the globe, and of infinityđź‘Ť
  • Words for PEACELOVEHARMONY or UNITY in any languageđź‘Ť
  • Wire, sewing, lace, ribbon, something interlaced to 
  • symbolize interconnectednessđź‘Ť
  • WHITE color of unity and peace in the worldđź‘Ť
  • And as we all are open-minded people your project need to include a HOLE or something OPEN.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Another span of 7 days...whizzing by...

1. & 2.
One day to go and one day of editing the video!!!!!!!!
Shoes are done and we had a great time in the merry old Land of OZ. 

After painting OZ shoes for like ever it was a nice change to do something different and pleasantly pleased that 2 people wanted prints!

Having cards made from this one

5. and this one

I finished up a design team project which I can't share yet but it involves these kuchi patches...wait till you see what I created. lol

and my last ITAC challenge
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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Challenge 5 - the Americas

I almost let this weeks ITAC challenge go by without an entry. I found a previous background page in my journal that sorta fit the green portion of the challenge  (green is just not a color I use often) and took out a pipette and some India ink and started playing. 

I always try to "let go" when pipette painting, I mean really, it's a must-have mindset when painting this way. Especially when your surface is covered with ColourArtes Silks Acrylic Glazes which you can see adds a lot of glossy shimmer. The ink really slides around and it's pretty much an 
"It is what it is" moment
....lightbulb moment!!!!
I have a Rubbermoon stamp that says just that!
I love it when I am thinking in tune with my stamps!

Then I thought I really wasn't into adding a currency element until I remembered a coin from Gwen's Going Global Turkmen Jewelry Parts which I thought would be a cool element to hang off the journal.

  • Shades of greenđź‘Ť
  • Something transparent or sharp, like ice
  • A large format feature, XXL size
  • An element suggestive of money and currencyđź‘Ť
  • One or more elements inspired by music and/or Sambađź‘Ť
  • Decorations made of feathers, metal, leather…

Friday, September 8, 2017

BUSY week

1. African art journal page
ITAC challenge this week was Africa!
 Not my usual style but I do love putting symbols on my page so it's OK.

2. Khadi journal
I really would love and appreciate a comment over on my Journey into Khadi papers as it is my first official post for Gwen Lafleur's Artist Tribe. If you like exotic and cultural embellishments then you really might want to visit her store, jaw dropping goodness there.

3. Design team post for StencilGirl
Check out how I painted the sides of my canvas here!

4. We're off to see the Wizard

Shoes are painted but I'm going to wait for next week to reveal them along with a video of our trip. We leave Sunday for the Land of Oz and should be back home before the remnants of Irma hit the mountains.
Praying for everyone in its path and for the people affected by Harvey.

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Rural Folk Art

Hi everyone!
Here is sneak peek at my canvas I made for today's StencilGirl Talk post.
I do hope you pop over and visit and if you do, please leave me a comment so I know you did! And much thanks because it's little things like doing that which make my day!